Giftworks - A New Company

About a new company and some major product updates.

Giftworks - A New Company

About a new company and some major product updates.

Hi there, my name is Yusuf. I am the founder of this new company called Giftworks.

Before Giftworks was brought to existence, I was working on a product called One Profile, a webpage builder where you can easily create about pages for yourselves, your brands, your businesses, and for just about anything else. Before some of you who’s familiar with One Profile jump the gun here, I am still very actively working on it but there are some big changes that I’ve made to the website in recent weeks. Let me just walk you through it.

The Observation

After each major product iteration, I would usually post an update about it on Indie Hackers, Hacker News, Reddit, Medium, and Twitter. During my last post, I got numerous requests for the website to have a custom domain feature i.e. a feature where you can map your profile page to your custom domain. I didn’t offer this at first because I thought it would be super expensive to deal with SSL certs and wildcard domains. Plus, the platform that I use to deploy One Profile on is Heroku and Heroku has a limit to the number of custom domains you can add to an app, and the router itself is a huge issue. I thought people wouldn’t mind a non-customized URL but the overwhelming requests got me thinking hard.

Not only that, but I’ve also noticed that many of those who signed up on One Profile wanted to skip creating their own personal page and instead, they wanted to create an about page for their companies. For those of you who aren’t familiar with One Profile, my website allows people to create a personal about page AND create about pages for anything else. Therefore, the obvious onboarding flow would be: create a personal page first -> do everything else later. I thought the feature that I had in place where users can link their personal pages to their other pages is a cool feature. It turned out that I was self-deluding. None of my users did that. They either create a page for their company and left their personal page empty or they create a page for themselves and stop at that. This observation led me to think that I should separate these two components apart. And that was what I did in the past 2 weeks.

I will be writing more on why and how I migrated from Heroku to another next-gen cloud platform in a future post. Subscribe to get notified about it later.

The Big Changes

One Profile is now divided into two different products on two different websites:

  1. One Profile Info -> a personal page for individuals
  2. One Profile Page (Beta) -> profile/landing pages for brands, businesses, teams or anything.

This separation turned out to be…pretty nice. It’s now so much easier to navigate around, fewer concepts to learn, a more streamlined onboarding process—an overall less confusing experience for users. Both websites also got a facelift with beautiful and modern UI deserving to start the new decade. You got to have to try it out and experience it yourself.

And the most requested feature has now been implemented, custom domain. You can now map your pages on One Profile to your own custom domain at no extra cost.

The Parent

Having 2 different products with 2 different websites was not something I thought of when I first started with One Profile. I have never intended to create more than 1 business entity. After much deliberation, I decided to create a parent company and have both One Profile Info and One Profile Team under one company. This parent company is called

That’s it for the update. Be sure to subscribe to catch my next post on why and how I migrated from using Heroku to a next-gen cloud platform and my new tech stack.

Happy New Year.

-Yusuf, My One Profile



I have strong interests in languages, cultures, technologies, entrepreneurship, and education. After I learned how to code back in 2017, I started to like building stuff on the web.

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